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Ting-Ting Sheu

Ting-Ting Sheu is both a learning specialist and field-tested sales manager. She has a proven track record of leading her team to #1 year after year. 


​Currently the Learning Director for Asia Pacific at Thomson Reuters, Ting-Ting blends her talent for sales and her passion for learning and development to deliver sales training across the region. Before taking the role of Learning Director, Asia Pacific, Ting-Ting was the Sales Director and Country Manager for Thomson Reuters Taiwan. 

Ting-Ting specializes in selling skills, strategic account management, relationship building and creative thinking programs. She also provides executive coaching for sales managers.

Ting-Ting speaks Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese, and English.

Ting-Ting is employed full-time by Thomson Reuters and works with Momentum on a case-by-case basis. 

Guest Trainer

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